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Benefit Plan Design

Your group's buying patterns for medical goods and services can impact cost both positively and negatively and are driven by a number of variables including plan options and the plan designs within those options.   AssuredPartners can help you develop a plan that drives the buying behavior you want based upon your budget.   Using reliable benchmarking information we are able to understand the value of your plan compared to employers of your size, industry and in your region. Armed with this information we can determine what kind of plan design value changes need to be made.

We go about this process in one of two ways. The first is to use your actual claims data from your current benefits provider and process that information through our web-based claims analysis and decision support system. This provides us a detailed report showing utilization patterns and areas of utilization concern. We can then model plan options to address these concerns, estimate plan savings and forecast the number of plan members who will be impacted by the change.

Our second approach relies on our benchmarking and actuarial data to forecast the value of the plan changes being contemplated. This approach does not require current claims data. This tool is used often when real time feedback is the driving need by comparing the value of your current plan to plan alternatives and the resulting values produced.

Regardless of the approach, we have the tools to help you stay competitive with a plan design strategy that drives cost appropriate behavior with a focus on reducing long term medical trends.

Do your plans drive the buying behavior that you need to make budget?   Not sure?   At AssuredPartners we can help.

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