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Employee Benefits Strategy

Surviving the renewal process for yet another year does not, as we all will attest, constitute a Benefit Strategy.   At AssuredPartners Employee Benefits, our approach takes on several dimensions.

First is a thorough understanding of your goals for your employee benefits plan . We come to this understanding by taking the time to ask the right questions of you and those important to you. While most of our customers would say they are focused on leveraging their employee benefits plan to "attract and retain talent", the means by which this is accomplished is as varied as the customers we serve. By taking the time to get to know you, your business and your competition, we are able to customize solutions that meet your expectations at a price that fits your budget.

Secondly, we understand that price or unit cost is important . Because we are recognized by all of the leading health insurance companies, investment & financial planning companies, and other benefit providers as a major force in the employee benefits arena, we are not limited to or excluded from any markets that might be beneficial to our customers.   We have built strong relationships with these companies allowing us to seek out the best products for your needs at the greatest value.

Next is a focus on the fact that 70% to 80% of claim activity is produced by life style decisions . As a result, an effective benefits strategy must recognize this fact and include a plan to motivate employees to be well. We can accomplish this through a participation based wellness plan that addresses the whole person. These are plans that look to accomplish several goals including, educating employees on the personal ramifications of their life style decisions, supporting well behavior decisions and providing the right level of intervention at a time when behavior is most likely to change.    Often times this approach will lead to a results based wellness plan where employee contributions are guided by the principle that "good drivers pay less", or let's say those meeting a HIPPA compliant wellness criteria pay less.

Do you have a strategy or are you merely surviving as best you can?   Regardless of your answer,  we can help.

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